Our Mission Statement

We continue to develop and maintain a network of experienced, knowledgeable and professional claims professionals for daily claims in Texas and for Catastrophes nationwide.  This give Williamsoro, Inc. the ability to deliver prompt, courteous and complete service to our clients with an assurance of accurate claims service and quality control while meeting and exceeding all expectations of our valued clients. 

  • Investigations

Commercial Property

Certain Underwriters at Lloyds of London Specialists




Homeowners  (High Profile Coverage’s of $1,000,000.00 and up)

  • Appraisals

We understand and abide by the keys to a successful appraisal process and resolution.

Preparation, awareness of the issuer(s) causing the dispute

The importance of Umpire selection

Professional understanding of current construction methods

Skilled in the art of negotiation

  • Mediation

We understand and abide by the keys to a successful mediation process and resolution.

Preparation; awareness of the issue(s) causing the dispute after a full review of the entire file

Overcoming the emotionally charged experiences of the insured and your legal representative

Handling any Pre-conceived ideas of the insured and/or your legal representative

Finding a fair and equitable settlement based on approved authority while adhering to the contract of insurance coverage

  • Pre-Appraisal Inspections

There are times when our clients have asked us to perform pre-inspections prior to appraisal and/or mediation.

There are several advantages to our pre-inspection service:

Settlement prior to the need for a formal appraisal and/or mediation

The ability to narrow the dispute to a specific item(s) or issuer(s)

A most recent look at the risk:  specifically damages, repairs and ongoing conditions 


Added Services

Unlike many other claims adjustment firms, Williamsoro, Inc. can provide additional services that may otherwise either be unavailable or not publicly offered.  Call us to discuss your specific needs.

Such services could provide Case Management, Loss Control, Arbitration and/or re-inspections. 

Code of Ethics

In each and every instance of whatever nature in which an adjuster performs his or her duties and responsibilities as governing their conduct as adjusters:

1.  Adjuster will approach investigation, adjustments and settlements with an unprejudiced and open mind.

2.  Adjusters will make truthful and unbiased reports of facts as they are found after making an interim, limited and/or complete investigation. 

3.  An adjuster will handle each and every adjustment and/or settlement with honesty and integrity and allow a fair and impartial adjustment and/or settlement to all parties without any remuneration to himself expect that to which he is legally entitled.

4. Adjuster upon undertaking the handling of a claim will act with dispatch and due diligence in achieving a property disposition thereof in a timely manner.

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